Platinum Club subscribers have access to an exclusive online discount mall with great offers on everything from eating out to car hire

Benefit details

All Platinum Club subscribers have access to an online virtual discount mall which offers discounts on approximately 100 service providers.

The various benefits will be provided by various third party service providers.

Non-verified Platinum Club subscribers will be allowed access for a trial period of three months.

The mall is administered by Randgo.

Terms and conditions

The call centre does not facilitate payments.

TFG does not facilitate delivery services that are not included by third party service providers.

The Platinum Club discount mall service is available to Platinum Club subscribers and their immediate families only.

The call centre will verify subscription at point of interaction.

Vouchers sent via the call centre can be SMSed, faxed or emailed (based on the third party service provider rules and the subscriber’s requirements).

Benefit partners and their offerings might change from time to time without prior notice.