Applying Foundation Like A Pro

Applying Foundation Like A Pro

The most common foundation gripes are incorrect colour matching (Oompa Loompa is never a good look), half-arsed blending techniques and short wear time. Rebecca Restrepo, Elizabeth Arden global make-up artist and face painter to the likes of Michelle Obama and Debra Messing, gives us some much-needed insight into the subject of anti-cake face and applying foundation like a pro. 

Pick your weapon

If a brush is your tool of choice, then make sure it’s synthetic, and if you prefer a sponge, then wetting it will give the skin a more sheer look. ‘Natural bristles collect foundation inside the hair, but synthetic ones keep it at the top while you apply it to your face,’ says Rebecca. ‘When you’re buying foundation, swatch it on your jawline and along your collarbone, then go outside, away from the unflattering department store lighting and see which product disappears.’ Matching your foundation to your collarbone makes sense because you need to blend it down on to your neck so you don’t end up looking like a floating head. 

Easy does it

‘People tend to have more blotchiness at the centre of the face, so start at your nose and blend outwards,’ Rebecca explains. Avoid a mask-like appearance by blending the foundation out towards the edges using less product and buffing it with a brush or sponge. 

Make it stay

Setting powder will encourage your foundation to commit to your face. ‘Use a dry sponge in a light “press and roll” motion,’ suggests Rebecca. ‘Apply setting powder wherever you’ve applied foundation, except for the cheekbones, to allow luminosity. A light misting of water helps set and make foundation look softer without adding oil,’ she adds. 

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