Beauty: A Guide to Winter Skincare

Beauty: A Guide to Winter Skincare

As winter approaches and we’re faced with the realities of dry and irritated skin, We’re here to make your beauty transition easier with sure-fire ways to keep your skin hydrated and happy

Science shows us that the outer layer of skin cells actually shrinks when faced with the elements, resulting in a scaly, crocodile-like texture. Furthermore, if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, you probably already know that flare-ups are a common occurrence in these times. Change your daily moisturiser to something more heavy-duty to coat your skin in a protective barrier. Choose products with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine and plant extracts to effectively introduce moisture, and keep it sealed in. A vitamin C-infused body lotion can give your skin a much-needed antioxidant boost to give it some life. 

A mask a day 
…keeps the pimples at bay. Or so we’d hope. When your skin is particularly dry, it overcompensates by producing more oil than it normally would. This could lead to breakouts and the urge to want to cover your face in a thick mask with the hopes of it clearing up for good. But when your skin is already dry, the last thing you want to do is dry it out even more, so rather use a mask only where necessary, even if it’s only on the spot itself, and try gentler formulas that won’t dry out skin but still offer purifying properties.

ock It In 
Despite the temptation to get into a hot bath or shower, this can further dry out your skin and compromise the protective barrier if the temperature gets too hot. Counteract the negative effects by adding oil to the equation – an in-shower (or bath) oil cleanses skin, and locks in moisture while the skin is wet. Alternatively, while you’re still in the shower but with the water turned off, slather on a firming body oil, massage in upward strokes until absorbed, and then pat dry the excess. Do the same with our good friend hyaluronic acid – apply while your skin is still damp to reap maximum moisturising benefits. 

Winter-proof your skin with these hydrating  skincare essentials

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