Grooming: Creating A Signature Style

Grooming: Creating A Signature Style

Being well groomed isn’t just about looking presentable on the daily. It’s also about creating a signature style specific to you and making it a ritual. Here’s how to keep expressing your smart style in the office, travelling and any time.

Skin extends beyond the face, so when you apply your day or evening moisturiser, don’t forget about your limbs. Areas prone to dryness, such as your elbows, heels and hands, need special attention. A quality lip balm is also essential.

Pro Tip: Skin becomes oilier as the day goes by, which makes your face look shiny. Keep a little box of blotting papers such as Essence All About Matt Oil Control Paper (R45.95) in your drawer or bag for when this happens, and simply blot the excess oil to instantly mattify your skin.

A regular chop will keep your hair healthy and looking neat. If you prefer a longer style, keep your hair off of your face and under control with a matte paste or moulding cream.

Scruffy, out-of-control facial hair is never a good look. Regular visits to your barber will ensure your face fur always looks great. Also, make a habit of washing and exfoliating the skin underneath your facial hair in order to avoid ingrown hairs, flaky skin and irregular growth.

Pro Tip: Try a beard balm like Shea Moisture Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Balm R259 if you’re looking for a bit more shape control, or an oil such as Woody’s Beard and Tattoo Oil R139.99 for a multitude of uses.

For more grooming tips, page through your February issue of Man.

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