Past Beauty Standards

Past Beauty Standards

For enduring inspiration, we look towards the stars of days past, those who made headlines for being – or challenging – the beauty STANDARDS of their time

Then: Audrey Hepburn – brows
Now: These days, it seems that eyebrows are the most important feature of the face. But history shows us that, actually, they always have been. Numerous beauty icons across all eras have placed an emphasis on beautifully defined brows – from carbon-black, elongated brows in ancient Egypt, to the notoriously razor-thin trend of the ’90s. It’s hard to pick a single beauty icon who stands out for their brows, but it’s also unavoidable to not mention Audrey Hepburn. The 1950s was the time for full-face make-up topped off with lush, strong brows, which made the iconic look timelessly relevant – especially today. Today, when we think of our eyebrows, we lean towards a more natural approach, something that looks defined and groomed, yet still effortless.

Then: Twiggy – lashes
Now: Undeniably iconic, Twiggy once set the standard for fluttery lashes. Known for her androgynous style in the ’60s, her lashes were quite the opposite – long, fluttery, bold and a little spidery. Although a clumpy mascara is generally a no-no, we’re now starting to see the ‘Twiggy lash’ in all shapes and forms, including metallics, vivid colours, or individual lashes added for volume. Basically, anything goes – as long as it’s different.

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