Runway Inspired Make-up Looks

Runway Inspired Make-up Looks

The runway often introduces us to crazy, over-the-top and dramatic make-up looks that might not be doable for your daily routine, but we can take inspiration nonetheless

Sticking to the rules when it comes to colour is no longer required – you can do whatever you want. Go for bold, neon colours on your lips and add a slick of the same colour on your lids,
or play up complementary colours on your eyes, starting with a liner and blending in eyeshadows around it. You could also keep it simple by sticking to one colour and keeping the rest of the face as bare as possible. But be sure to kick it up a notch by taking the colour all the way up to the brow ridge in a circular shape, focusing on precision rather than blending and diffusing it out.

Why stick to a single colour when you can use them all at the same time? A look that requires extreme precision, skill, almost no talking and even less eating and/or drinking, a melange of colours make for a watercolour look that will have people looking twice. To make it more wearable, try an ombré approach instead, by lining lips with a darker colour, then using a lighter, creamier formula toward the middle of the lips and then allowing the colours to bleed and blend into each other. Alternatively, you can always paint your top and bottom lip different colours, but make sure it’s matte for the colour to stay put, or go for a colour you normally would not think of putting on your lips. There literally are no rules.

Forget about the traditional perfect feline flick and start experimenting instead. Dior SS19 shows us a daring jet-black liner, lined inside both the upper and lower waterlines, but then extended ever-so-slightly vertically underneath. To avoid people wondering if you’ve fallen into a pool and emerged with symmetrically running mascara, line your waterline and smudge underneath and in-between the lashes for a more lived-in look. Alternatively, get artsy and incorporate a red liner into your make-up stash. A striking colour on all skin tones,red looks vibrant and edgy, but keep some eye drops handy just in case as red tends to accentuate tired-looking eyes.

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