Skincare Spring Cleaning 101

Skincare Spring Cleaning 101

Lean beauty is not just about being water-wise. It means cleansing correctly, checking your ingredients and choosing products that are easy on your wallet. Sounds like hard work, but we’ve got you covered with our skincare spring cleaning 101 guide!

We’re heading for the warmer months, so it’s time for a proper spring clean – of our routine that is. In winter, we tend to under-cleanse and over-moisturise, especially in very dry areas. A good cleansing routine is year-round – it’s just a matter of switching up the formula and the technique.

A Clean Slate

Most women shower and wash their face every single morning, followed by whatever skin routine you might have. Washing your face every morning, however, is not always necessary, as it strips the essential oils that have accumulated throughout the night. Night-time is the optimal time for your skin to heal, so why strip those precious oils completely? Try a splash of cleansing water in the morning just to get rid of residual product, leaving
a fresh canvas. Cleansing water is also great for any on-the-go cleansing needs, to remove make-up effectively, or a quick cleanse without using a single drop of water.

It’s all in the hands

A proper cleansing routine includes a decent amount of self-love. Take your time, be gentle, don’t rush the process, and you will be delighted to see quicker, better results than when you just slap on some soap and start aggressively taking-off your face. Start off by washing your hands, and making sure you’ve removed any and all make-up with either a micellar water, a cleansing oil, or a make-up removal wipe. Your cleanser will work so much better if it doesn’t have tons of layers to fight through to get to your pores. Then, depending on your choice of cleanser, start massaging your face in slow, circular, outward motions, concentrating on the areas you believe are the most congested. Gently rub, and don’t tug around your eyes and areas prone to wrinkles.

Rethink Your Formula

If you’re wearing sunscreen every day (as you should), heaps of make-up, and you have done some compulsive face touching throughout the day, you’ll probably be feeling like an oil slick. Don’t stray too far away from the gentle approach, but rather consider a foam or gel cleanser that can properly clean the day’s residue without, once again, stripping the skin.

Treat Yourself

An at-home facial can do wonders for your skin, and your self-esteem. While boiling some water, cleanse you face properly and get your hair out of your face. Sit with a bowl of warm water on a surface in front of you and drape a clean towel over your head to keep the steam from escaping. This will help soften the sebum sitting in the dermis – the oily layer just beneath the epidermis, the uppermost layer of the skin. However, steaming won’t ʽopen the pores’, as you commonly hear, because pores don’t have muscles, and can therefore not open or close. Learnt something new? Good, you may now move on to masking. Pick a mask to suit your needs – don’t just do one if there’s a cool new detox mask in town. If you truly do need a good cleanse, try one like Clarins SOS Pure Mask R520, or if you need a boost of hydration, try a sheet mask such as Kiss Hydro Gel Mask – Nourishing Rosehip Oil (R121.01). For a brightening treatment, try L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask (R166.40) and if you just want to have a bit of fun with a side of firming action, try out the Glamglow Gravitymud Glitter Mask – Black (R860).

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