Skincare Tips To Get You Through Winter

Skincare Tips To Get You Through Winter

We’re sharing our top tips for getting your skin through winter. The good news is that you could probably do most of these from the comfort and warmth of your bed!

Stay hydrated

While we know that staying hydrated from within is all down to drinking loads of water daily, there’s nothing wrong with giving your skin a little booster in order to stay firm. Try moisture-heavy serums to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized during cold winter days when the air can leave you feeling taught and dry.


You still need SPF

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should stash your suncream away with your bikinis.  Applying SPF in winter is just as important as it is in summertime. This is because the UVA, also know as UV-aging rays are still around and continue to do damage to your skin. Combat effects of UVAs by applying sunscreen daily, even SPF15 makes a different on sensitive facial skin.



Exfoliation is Key

Staying warm in winter means we’re often in long pants, tops, coats, scarves and anything else we can get our hands on. As a result our skin tends to become dry and flaky. The solution to this is to regularly exfoliate. Give your skin a revitalizing boost while getting rid of any dead skin cells. Exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for your skin as it includes boosting blood circulation which leads to radiant, healthy glowing skin. This process is equally important when it comes to the skin on your face as well, except in this case you should be using a much gentler exfoliator.



Protect your lips

Nobody likes dry, chapped lips – no matter the weather! It’s no secret that cold weather can contribute to irritated lips that are prone to cracking and splitting. It’s as unappealing as it sound, and equally painful, but the good news is that the solution to avoid this ordeal is simple. Make sure your lips are coated with a moisturizing lip balm – long-lasting balms top our list as it minimizes the need for reapplication throughout the day.



Treat yourself

Let’s face it, it’s cold, grey and wet outside, and often times staying in seems to be the more attractive option. Treat yourself to a little pampering and give your skin the well-deserved treat is so craves. Personalize your treatment by targeting your specific skincare concerns.

What are some of your favourite skincare tips that you swear by?

Written by: Nicole Norman


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