Taking Care of your Hair in Winter

Taking Care of your Hair in Winter

Your hair goes through a substantial amount of sun damage during the warmer months, so taking care of it during winter time is an opportunity for you to catch up on your hair health, while making sure you stay slaying all year long! Here are some important factors to keep in mind when taking care of your hair in winter.

Fight Against Dandruff

Your scalp can get especially dry and itchy during the winter months. This is because of the lack of moisture in the air, which ultimately can lead to dandruff or aggravated skin irritations. Avoiding this comes down to locking in the moisture, and this can be done by treating your hair to a deep conditioning once a week. If you’re into creating home-made masks and remedies then definitely try massaging your scalp with a coconut oil and lemon juice mixture for 20 minutes before rinsing. You scalp with thank you for it!

Don’t Over-Wash

Keep washes to a minimum to avoid drying out your hair. It’s also important to make sure your hair is fully dry before leaving the house. This is not only to avoid catching a cold, but the moisture in your hair combined with the cold air, will further damage your hair by drying it out and making it brittle.

Drying Your Hair the Right Way

The best way to dry your hair is to gently towel dry towel by wrapping the hair in the towel and squeezing the excess water out. Do not apply rough friction as this only caused damage. If you are using hot air to speed things up, make sure you how the hair dryer at least 15 centimeters from your hair.

Protect your Hair

Going the extra mile to protect your hair will definitely pay off in the long run. Throwing on a hat is not only a way to add something extra to your look, but its can also protect your hair. If your worried about dreaded hat hat, a top tip is to wrap your head in a silky scarf before putting your hat on. Additional, trading out you regular pillow case for as silk one will help reduce your morning bed head appearance as well as split ends! Opting for protective styles can also ease the blow harsh weather has on your hair.


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Written by Digital Content Producer, Nicole Norman

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