The Textured Hair Guide

The Textured Hair Guide

If you’ve been blessed with curls or textured hair, you know that it takes some work and dedicated care to keep your locks bouncy and shiny. We’ve rounded up some tried-and-tested tips and products to ensure maximum curl power.

Never Comb Dry Curls!  

The number one rule of textured hair is to always only brush or comb when wet, preferably when lathered in conditioner. This prevents breakage and damage to the hair strands, as with dry hair, the comb drags through the hair and gets caught, snapping through knots. Keep a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush in the shower
and give your conditioned ends a gentle comb through after washing.

Dry curls respond better to finger detangling as opposed to brushing, so for the times when you have a tangle in your hair, dampen the section of hair first with a leave-in conditioner spray and then gently comb through with your fingers first, loosening the knot, and finish with a wide-tooth comb. 

Conditioner Is Your Best Friend 

Forget just one conditioning treatment, condition your locks twice after washing and allow time for the conditioner to penetrate – at least 10 minutes in total. If you are washing your hair less, then this time is well spent allowing the conditioner to seep into the hair shaft. Look out for ingredients like shea butter and keratin, which are both nourishing and strengthening.

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