The 3 Signs of Burnout

The 3 Signs of Burnout

Are you suffering from life burnout? Know the signs and what to do if you’re on the verge of having your flame snuffed.

Take a moment to do an audit of all of the worries that are swirling around in your mind right now.

Maybe the thought of the petrol-price increase is causing some anxiety. Perhaps you’re worrying about your boss, or your finances, or just feel an underlying discomfort about the world in general.

Stress is one of the constants of adult life. There is always something to think about – your work, your house, your car or your upcoming tax return. It’s the price we pay for the world we live in, but it can become overwhelming for even the best of us.

While stress is unavoidable, in some cases it can result in burnout, which could drastically affect your life. Psychology Today defines burnout as a state of chronic stress leading to extreme fatigue, emotional exhaustion and a feeling of hopelessness. 

Burnout is a very real and very scary phenomenon. Here are some of the things that could be contributing to your stress levels, from the manageable to the out-of-control. 

Stress #1: You’re overstimulated

Look, our increasingly connected world does make it difficult to switch off. Just go ahead and take a look at your tally of WhatsApp groups right now. All of those messages are constantly pulling your attention back and forth, and it takes its toll. 

Solution: Be ruthless about your time and attention. Don’t allow yourself to be swamped by attention-sucking updates. 

Stress #2 You’re behind on admin

Unfinished tasks can weigh you down and soon spiral out of control, especially if you tend to procrastinate. ‘I’ll do it later’ might work in the short-term, but it can have a profound effect on your sense of well-being. 

Solution: Schedule admin time. The organisation and administration of your life feels like such a weight because you’re trying to do them while you’re doing other things. Make time to blast through your admin, and you’ll feel a weight lifted. 

Stress #3 You’re not saying no

Your co-worker is passing work to you, your mother-in-law needs your help with DIY, and your kids are demanding new clothes. Sometimes it might feel as though everybody wants something from you, but nobody is really giving anything back. 

Solution: Politely stand your ground. Remember, there’s a happy medium between being a silently angry pushover, and going full Terminator. Explain your reasoning behind saying no, and stick to it. 

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