Boss lady Roxy Burger

Boss lady Roxy Burger

Television queen, brand builder and busy mom Roxy Burger may wear many hats, but she’s wearing them in style

Roxy Burger doesn’t need much of an introduction. Chances are you watched her make the transition from bubbly K-TV presenter to the TV screen staple you recognise from shows like Survivor South Africa, Strictly Come Dancing and Top Billing. What many don’t know, however, is that she’s also spent the past five years working behind the scenes at 5FM as head of social media, creating what she calls ‘social cinema’ for the radio station’s 1.4 million followers across four platforms. She’s even found the time to start a blog, a passion project that allows her to truly express herself. ‘There’s only one side of me you get to see on TV and that’s curated by others, so the blog was an avenue that’s just for me’, she says.

Roxy’s blog covers her many interests, which range from fashion, travel, decor and motherhood to being a ‘Boss Lady’, a tag she defines as a woman who is ‘a feminist by her own definition who isn’t afraid to be herself’. She uses it as a platform to showcase the stories of women she admires and these range from everyday heroes to famous faces like E! Entertainment Africa’s rising star Ayanda Thabethe. If given the chance to interview anyone, Roxy says she’d love to chat to her ultimate Boss Lady, Michelle Obama because ‘well… she’s Michelle Obama!’

Fashion focus
A Boss Lady herself, Roxy recently added another facet to her career – jewellery designer – having just launched a collection of luxury piercings called Linear. ‘The entire line is 18-carat gold and diamonds for cartilage piercings, nose rings and the like,’ she says. ‘I began this journey because I couldn’t find what I wanted myself and realised a gap.’ As the host of a fashion makeover show, E! Entertainment Africa’s How Do I Look?, Roxy has a keen interest in fashion. However, as a busy working mom, she believes in easy, everyday glamour, citing a capsule wardrobe as the backbone for anyone who’s busy, but still wants to look stylish. Her best style advice? ‘Have five good quality, basic investment pieces that you know you can always turn to. For example, a great pair of tailored pants and a comfortable pair of heels. Also, you can switch up your make-up look by simply changing your lipstick.’

Working mom
Since becoming a mom to her daughter Adrienne, who’ll soon be turning two, Roxy says it’s changed how she approaches being a Boss Lady. ‘My time is now more selective. I’m not prepared to entertain those who don’t value my time and what it’s worth. I’ve become more cutthroat with that,’ she says. Wearing so many hats can make things tricky in the time management department and, refreshingly, Roxy will be the first to tell you she’s yet to crack the juggling act. ‘It’s something I still haven’t mastered. Balancing everything I do with health and wellness is tough, but I’ve learnt it’s okay to not be okay,’ she says. ‘It’s okay if sometimes, for a whole week, your child ate microwave meals. Was your child fed? Yes. Will you try to do better next week? Yes.’

Awareness ambassador
Burger was an advocate for children long before becoming a mom, having worked a lot with Reach For A Dream, a foundation that grants dreams to children who are fighting life-threatening illness. Ironically, her own daughter’s health crisis would make headlines when it was discovered, shortly after her birth, that she didn’t have a thyroid gland. After an initial period of panic, Roxy reports Adrienne is happily thriving now thanks to early identification and life-changing chronic medication, and Roxy has even stepped into the role of ambassador for Rare Diseases South Africa (RDSA). ‘I’m very proud to be an advocate for them and my daughter. Until it happened to us, we weren’t even aware of how “common” rare diseases, in totality, can be.’ She now urges all expectant mothers to read up on newborn screening, to never be afraid of asking your paediatrician as many questions as you want and to donate to the RDSA. ‘They do the most incredible work for so many people with rare diseases who don’t have access to funds or resources.’ When she’s not taking over the world like the Boss Lady she is – or raising a Boss Baby – Roxy says she kicks back by playing some golf but she’ll laughingly admit that she’s ‘useless’ at it. As far as anything else is concerned, that’s the one thing she’s most definitely not.

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