Creative Podcasts To Listen To

Creative Podcasts To Listen To

It may seem as though podcasts became popular overnight but they’ve actually been around for many years, since the 80’s to be exact. Podcasts are a form of audio blogging and is great for your morning and evening work commute or while you’re cleaning your house on the weekends. Sometimes we need a bit of a distraction and podcasts can educate and inspire you whilst you can get on with your daily life. Talk about multi-tasking! In 2018, there are currently over 525 000 active podcasts and the amount of listeners keep growing and growing as the months go on.

According to Forbes, millennials are the biggest consumers of podcasts. Millenials love podcasts because they want knowledge and they want it fast. Podcasts are easily streamed and downloaded so that you can listen to them whenever, wherever. Millennials also love having choices and enjoy non-fiction content: considering there are over half a million podcasts available to listen to, the topics flow in abundance and you’re bound to find something that interests you. From uncovering murder mysteries to improving your life – podcasts have you covered.

But what about creative podcasts? The creative industry has always been important in South Africa and creatives are constantly shifting boundaries and making waves within the industry. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative, we all tend to unconsciously do creative things like reading or dancing!

We’ve done some digging and came up with the best podcasts that inspire creatives (or just to get your creative juices flowing):

Your Creative Start: hosted by Jaharn Giles, the Your Creative Start podcast tackles the topics that creatives want to hear about the most. Topics like dealing with self-doubt, becoming your own boss and getting started. The podcast is filled with interviews with successful creatives, advice and wisdom.

TED Talks: we’ve all heard of Ted Talks, the video clips that are focused on expert speakers who speak about a variety of topics like business, creativity, science and tech. The podcast version of TED Talks are just like the videos but are audio only. This gives listeners a chance to soak in the vital information given in a TED Talk without having to watch it. Just search for “creativity” within the TED Talks podcast list and get inspired.

The Accidental Creative: The Accidental Creative is aimed at creatives and creative entrepreneurs and has many tips to inspire and motivate you. With podcasts like “Four Ways To Reclaim Creative Energy” and “How Fear Paralyzes Creativity”, your creative passion stays alive.

Creative Pep Talk: hosted by Andy J. Miller, Creative Pep Talk can be heard on Soundcloud or Apple Podcasts and helps creatives to find the balance between creating and business. The podcast helps you to build a successful and flourishing creative career.

Hashtag Authentic: hosted by Sara Tasker, Hashtag Authentic is a weekly podcast for online brands, businesses and creatives and focuses on Instagram, blogging, social media and all things creative. Sara has all the advice to become an online success.


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