Enhle Mbali, A Force Of Nature

Enhle Mbali, A Force Of Nature

There’s no stopping the flourishing of the beautiful and humble Enhle Mbali

All About The Arts
As a young girl, Enhle Mbali Maphumulo knew that performing was what she wanted to do, and she accredits her initial interest in acting to the movie Sarafina. It was through this movie that she discovered that she too wanted to capture an audience with the same honesty and emotion that was so powerfully portrayed by Leleti Khumalo’s 1992 performance as Sarafina.
‘I want to make people feel that. I want to make people understand a whole lot more by not saying it, but by being a different person so that they see it themselves,’ she explains.
With this dream in mind, Enhle made her acting debut in 2006 with her first on-screen role as Precious Ledwaba in the popular soapie Tshisa. It was because of this role that she quickly became one of the actresses to watch out for. Tshisa paved the way for opportunities in other local TV shows such as iNkaba, Soul City and Rhythm City. Like a pro, she continued to soar on camera and beyond. For Enhle, it’s always been about the journey and she believes that every role is one step closer to her ultimate goal – to win an Oscar.



Pushing Boundaries
While pursuing her acting dreams, Enhle discovered another talent – designing. At 16, she was already styling big names such as KB for the Divas Concert. She went on to release a maternity wear line SE Preggoz, which was created to give expecting women a range of stylish options.
Enhle Mbali’s creative genius went beyond design to incorporate beauty accessories, leaving no doubt for the reason behind her always polished style. She launched a successful collection of wigs known as La’bello Beauty, which features quality synthetic hair at affordable prices. Enhle believes a wig or two is something that every woman should have in her closet. She believes that no matter your race, a great wig can transform your outfit as well as your mood.
However, last year marked her most notable achievement when she collaborated with the design duo Quiteria and George. Together they created a stunning, emerald green piece that was worn by none other than Beyoncé at the Global Citizen Festival in December. ‘It still feels surreal now. When she walked out, I cried!’ Enhle shares with us. ‘It wasn’t the first time I’ve designed for a such a huge concert but the fact that it was Beyoncé! My heart was just overjoyed!



Family First
While creating her very own empire, Enhle still finds time to be a great mother to her two boys as well as an even better wife to her DJ husband Black Coffee. She has been married to Black Coffee since 2011, and when asked how they manage to stay connected despite both of their hectic schedules, she said it all comes down to teamwork. She likes to get out there and do things like hiking whereas her husband prefers to stay in, but she says in order to make it work they make sure that they spend time together which means many spontaneous adventures. ‘Marriage isn’t what everyone makes it out
to be. It’s not this big fairy tale. It’s constant work and we’re learning that. We both make it work,’ she shares. As for finding time to be the hands-on mother that she is, Enhle says that it’s all in the little moments. She likes to get involved with their activities, so whatever her two boys enjoy she makes sure that she partakes. If they want to go to the trampoline park, she would much rather jump with them than just sit on the sidelines. However, she understands that being a working mother is hard and society doesn’t truly get it yet. She confesses that it’s difficult to not want to be that ideal mother, wife and business-woman but she advises other working moms that it is okay to not be flawless.



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