Food Trends: Raw- and Real food

Food Trends: Raw- and Real food

Catch a glimpse at the food trends that are making their way on to (or back on to) cafe menus and inspiring new dishes at home.

Food culture is shared through stories and trends, and we can connect with others over a meal while sitting at the dinner table. Recently, there has been a big shift towards raw- and ‘real’ food. It’s an exciting time for the food industry and the latest trends will help us get back to our natural roots.

Oat Milk moves in
It’s time for almond milk to move aside and allow oat milk to shine. It’s cheaper and creamier, and has the properties to blossom into milk-free variations of thick yoghurt, smooth ice cream and even toast-worthy cream cheese.

Pasta makes a comeback
There was a time when pasta was seen as boring or too full of gluten. Thank goodness we can now eat it in peace. Be it homemade, hand-cut tagliatelle or pressed out ravioli, pasta is in vogue once more. A plate of pasta is my Sunday ritual. I usually start planning what sauce to make while sipping on my morning coffee.

Savoury takes control
Granola is now loaded with smoked paprika and sprinkled over salads, and oats are topped with jam, eggs and fresh greens. Although sweet treats will always be on trend, the savoury approach to some dishes is taking over. Try it for yourself: Omit the sugar from a crêpe recipe and add a few grinds of salt and pepper.

Bread is our friend
The zero tolerance on carbs has been smoked out. This world staple has delicately flowed back into our homes and back to lapping up sauce off of our plates. Think chunks of sourdough or French toast with lashings of honey and crushed nuts. The ‘toast and topping’ trend is one that keeps everyone happy.

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