Gifts For Man Who Has Everything

Gifts For Man Who Has Everything

DJI Mavic 2

Not content to sit on its ownership of the entire consumer drone space, DJI have released two updates to the very successful Mavic Pro line-up. Mavic 2 Pro (pictured top left) brings a one-inch Hasselblad sensor (four times bigger than the Mavic Pro) and HDR support. Mavic 2 Zoom (pictured bottom left) adds optical zoom (24–48 mm) to the existing Mavic Pro camera. Both have a maximum speed of 72 km/h and can fly in up to 38 km/h wind. Price TBA

Ztylus Stinger 

A car charger with two USB outputs is always handy. Now add a spring-loaded glass breaker into the tip as well as an integrated seat-belt cutter, and you have the ultimate in-car accessory. Best part is that it’s not too expensive, so you can get one for every car in your household. R500, 

Logitech MX Vertical

Everything you know about using a mouse is wrong. First, the natural position for your hand when resting your forearm on a table is the same when it’s swinging at your side. Logitech first embraced a more ergonomic design with the MX Ergo, but the thumb ball isn’t an easy concept to wrap your head around. Enter the MX Vertical: same hand position, but with normal mouse motion. R1 547.52

LEGO Creator ‘James Bond’ Aston Martin DB5

Name a more iconic car? Okay, those were all valid suggestions and we’re impressed by your automobile knowledge, but the epitome of desirability was when Sean Connery drove this in Goldfinger. And now you can build one and keep it in your house. The exceptionally detailed 1 290 piece set includes all the best features of the Bond car – yes, even the hidden telephone. R2 321.28

For more gift ideas, page though the November issue of Man.

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