Inside The Latest Samsung Smartphone

Inside The Latest Samsung Smartphone

The race for smartphone supremacy never stops, with the leading companies releasing new models every year
to try and bring amazing new features to their customers. Samsung’s latest offering adds two tiny rotating disks into its camera that can open and close the aperture to allow more light into the lens. That means that you can get better low-light photos and still use the same camera to take everyday photos on sunny days. In fact, at ƒ/1.5, the Galaxy S9+ has the widest aperture of any phone, so it’s currently the market leader.

Colour range

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is available in four colours: Midnight Black, Lilac Purple, Coral Blue and Titanium Grey.

Dual camera

There are two rear cameras on the S9+. The first is the smart dual-aperture camera, while the other lets you take lovely portrait photos.

Selfie camera

This front-facing eight-megapixel camera points at your face so you can take selfies. Smile!

Iris camera

The iris camera scans your eyes, then combines this information with a facial scan to confirm your identity before unlocking the phone.


The edge-to-edge, 6.2” AMOLED display packs in a whopping 529 pixels per inch.

The new biometric scanning cameras that face you when you pick up the phone can now be used to turn your face into an emoji! It’s as simple as looking at the screen and letting the phone analyse your features. Soon, a cartoon version of yourself will appear in front of your eyes, meaning that you can now send personalised reactions to your friends. There’s also a quick unlock system that uses your face and eyes as a password. It’s a lot of tech for one small phone (especially when it’s got such a big display), so let’s find out how it all fits in there.

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