It's Just Jade Robertson!

It’s Just Jade Robertson!

With more than 50 000 Instagram followers and a popular YouTube channel, Jade Robertson is our main source of fashion- and lifestyle inspo!

Jade Robertson was a runner-up in the 2013 South African Blog Awards, and since then, her ‘Just Jade’ brand has skyrocketed to new heights, making her one of the most admired online personalities in South Africa. Her content is authentic and original, and it is almost impossible to see her outside these realms but believe it or not, Jade initially pursued a career in law.

After studying for six years at the University of the Western Cape, Jade couldn’t deny her passion for fashion and content creation any longer.  Her blog became so busy that she started making more of an income from blogging than she did working as an article clerk. Once she completed her articles, Jade went straight into blogging full-time.

Blogging came with dream opportunities that elevated her to become an influencer in her own right. From OOTDs that slay, to travel pics that sometimes leave us stuck in our feelings with FOMO, Jade’s platforms keep her audience captivated at all times. ‘If you have a passion for what you do, then take the plunge and give it your all,’ she urges. ‘I try my best to give my audience content that I am proud of, but the hardest and most fulfilling thing about my job is being able to inspire people.’ This is just one of the factors that motivate her. ‘I just want to experience different things, and generally want to live an extraordinary life. I want to look back and smile at all my achievements and experiences. I want to be proud of the life I lived,’ she adds.

Based on her career thus far, Jade’s hard work is perceivable. She’s worked with popular fashion and beauty brands such as Avon South Africa and Vogue Eyewear, but one of her most influential campaigns to date has been with All Things Hair South Africa – a YouTube channel focusing on hair care and styling. ‘I worked with them for almost three years and it gave me a lot of practice behind a camera, and helped boost my confidence a lot too,’ she explains. When it comes to hair, nails and beauty trends, Jade has become quite the guru, so it’s no coincidence that she’s often invited to the Afternoon Express show to discuss tips and trends. Despite achieving her goals, Jade feels that creating new and fresh content also comes with difficulties, and she warns that being a social-media influencer comes with great responsibility. ‘People assume the life we [influencers] showcase on Instagram is the only version of the life we live,’ Jade says. ‘I reach a lot of people with what I do but try my best not to send  out the wrong messages.’

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