Jenna McArthur, The All Rounder

Jenna McArthur, The All Rounder

How Jenna McArthur strikes just the right balance in life

From working as an online editor for one of SA’s leading fashion magazines to being a successful business owner, full-time mom and style influencer, Jenna McArthur has had quite the journey.

Fashion forward 
It came as no surprise that Jenna forged a career in fashion: It’s in her genes. ‘My dad was in fashion for more than 40 years and this sparked an interest in me from a very young age. I have always loved the freedom fashion gives me – it’s an opportunity to express oneself and have a little fun with what you wear, and it’s a chance to celebrate myself as a woman,’ she says. Her career kicked off at Elle magazine, where she worked as a fashion intern. She quickly learned the ropes and moved up the ranks to the position of online editor, under the mentorship and editorship of Jackie Burger. 

Boss babe 
After 6 years of working in the fashion and media industries, while also engaging with as well as learning from great creatives, Jenna decided to start her own fashion PR agency, Jenna McArthur PR. ‘I was inspired by the talent in this country, and was passionate about nurturing that talent and having the opportunity to represent brands both established and up-and-coming on a PR front,’ she says. Having worked with big name clients such as H&M, KLûK CGDT, WGSN and PICHULIK, among others, Jenna advises that to be a success you need to have a vision and stay focused on it. ‘Also, make sure there are trustworthy people in your corner, and have integrity and substance in all you do; this creates trust between you and your clients,’ she adds. 

Making momMY moves 
When Jenna found out that she was expecting her first child, she took the brave step to become a full-time mom. ‘I give 155% to everything I do, and as I was expecting my first child I wanted to be present, committed and focused on my experience of motherhood. I didn’t feel ready to juggle two babies (my work and my newborn) and to step back and detach myself from my work wasn’t something I wanted to do,’ she explains. On being a mother, Jenna says that she loves it: ‘This has been a beautiful journey. I have been fortunate enough to be with my daughter and watch her grow, learn and develop, which has been so rewarding.’ Jenna also shares her journey of motherhood with her sizeable Instagram following of 11k and counting. ‘I use the platform to share, inspire and grow with my followers and other mums. I work with brands I love and trust, and this gives me a creative outlet – balance is good!’

Style slayer 
One glance at her curated Instagram feed and it’s clear that Jenna is as stylish as they come. ‘My style has always been classic, refined and sophisticated. I’m not about trends or the cool (that’s too much hard work).’ On becoming a mom, Jenna admits that not much has changed when it comes to her fashion sense other than you won’t find her in heels all day long. ‘Now that I’m a mom, I’m definitely always in sneakers. I still try to have fun with fashion and experiment with new looks and try new things – that’s what fashion is for!’ 

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