Powerhouse Hybrid Exercises

Powerhouse Hybrid Exercises

We’ve all seen resistance band walks or donkey kicks. These powerhouse hybrid exercises with the resistance band are totally new and totally scorcher!


Loop the band through the handle of the kettlebell to make a knot. Stand on the band, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Gripping the kettlebell between your legs, begin by bending over slightly, keeping your back straight, heels grounded and a slight bend in the knees. Thrust your hips forward, lock your legs and straighten your torso. It may take a few reps to get the momentum going. Don’t resist the kettlebell – follow its motion and repeat with another explosive hip thrust, making sure the kettlebell always reaches chest height and does not lose momentum.


Begin by setting up your kettlebell the exact same way as the banded swings. While standing on the band, squat down. Position one hand on the kettlebell, with your palm facing backwards. Drive your heels into the ground, powering upwards until your legs are completely locked. At the same moment your knees lock, use that energy to pull the kettlebell upwards until it is in-line with your chest. Keep the kettlebell as close to your body as possible. Also make sure your elbow is pointing up and just above shoulder height.


Start by looping the two resistance bands around either handle of your kettlebells, then sling the other side of the bands around either side of your pipe. Stand between the two kettlebells, resting on the ground, and position the pipe overhead with your arms about a metre apart and completely straight. Be sure to shoot your shoulder blades back. Keep your core tight, arms locked and shoulders ready to fight for stability. Stand up slowly. The dangling kettlebells and overhead position of your arms will create instability, making your shoulders and core work extra hard.

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