Precious Xaba On Make-Up Industry

Precious Xaba On Make-Up Industry

Precious Xaba is a make-up artist and skincare professional at the top of her game. But it may surprise you to know that when she was a kid, she thought that she was going to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a lawyer. ‘If I weren’t doing what I’m doing now, I’d be in a courtroom, and probably be depressed,’ she jokes. So what changed for the little girl with the courtroom ambitions to make her become the glamazon we see before us today? Not too much, in actuality. ‘I have always been interested in enhancing other people’s natural beauty, doing my friends’ make-up and giving them skincare advice,’ she says.

It took Precious quite a while to build up her own business. As we can all attest, make-up is expensive, so developing a career out of it can’t be cheap. ‘I initially got the basics for doing a full face and then built up my kit from there,’ she says. ‘I did a lot of research as to what was essential for my set, I assisted many make-up gurus and asked a lot of questions. This really helped me when it came to learning how to build my collection and do my own thing.’

But having the right brushes isn’t all you need to make it in the biz. ‘You need to get a proper qualification,’ advises Precious. ‘This will widen your horizons and help you when it comes to facing any difficult clients’.

The qualifications she’s referring to are those in somatology, health and skincare therapy, beauty therapy, or one as a make-up artist. ‘This is a career, not a hobby,’ she states. ‘It’s like any other job, in that you have to study and qualify before you can start practicing.’

When it comes to social media, Precious reveals that it too is part of the job. ‘A lot of people refer to it and use it as a marketing tool,’ she says. ‘I see it as a portfolio, and it’s easily accessible for reference.’ Social media are platforms through which she gets a lot of work, so naturally, it’s very important to this business woman.

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