Save Money For Your Year-End Vacay

Save Money For Your Year-End Vacay

There might only be a few months left, but it is possible to save enough money for that year-end vacay. Here’s how!

The working year is long and everyone deserves to have something to look forward to over the December break. The one big reason that many South Africans don’t plan exciting getaways on the regular is because of the costs involved. And we get it – travelling isn’t cheap. But it can be significantly more doable if you make some minor tweaks to your lifestyle over the next few months. It won’t be easy, but keep your eye on the prize and the reward will be oh-so worth it.

1. Start early

While some types of tours and accommodation as well as flights are best booked a long time in advance, a couple of months ahead is also better than last minute. This will give you time to browse for the best deals out there before making any payments. This means you save money not only on your actual holiday, but before the time as well, which leaves more money for some souvenirs. Yes!

Check out: to compare flight costs and to find the best deal.

2. Eat cheap

One of the easiest lifestyle changes to make when you are trying to save money can also be the most challenging: Limit how often you eat out. We know that there is little more annoying than having to worry about rustling something up after a long day at work, but you’d be surprised at how much you save when you lay off the takeaways. Cook in bulk on weekends and freeze meals to make your life easier during the week.

Check out: MealBoard – an app that helps you to plan and cook delicious meals at home.

3. Clear out

Do you have a garage or spare room filled with stuff you have no immediate use for? Many of us do, and what better time than the present to have a good spring clean? Any old clothing and appliances that are still in good shape can be sold on online classifieds sites, which is an easy way to make some extra cash with minimal effort
on your part. A cleaner house and some cash in your pocket – you could almost smell that holiday!

Check out:, where you list items you want to sell and buyers can connect with you.

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