Shop Kid's Toys and Gifts During Lockdown

Shop Kid’s Toys and Gifts During Lockdown

Beat the birthday blues and shop kid’s toys and gifts during lockdown from the comfort of your own home

South Africa is making it through lockdown but social distancing is the new normal. The kids are still not back at school, parents have returned to work  – or now work from home – and going to the shops has become the new extreme sport. All in all, this makes a great case for online shopping and fast, contactless delivery of anything you would normally go into a store to buy, including toys for the kids, baby items, educational products and gifts for birthdays, “non-parties” and drive-by baby showers!

Apart from these reasons, there is further motivation to shop online, especially where the kids are concerned. Birthday parties, aka social gathering, has become a no-no, at least for the foreseeable future. This does not mean that you cannot spoil a special little someone! From the comfort of your couch, you can browse The Kid Zone for children’s toys and games, neatly sorted into gender, brand and age, for the perfect gifts and have it delivered (contactless) directly to the birthday boy or girl on the day!

Be smart by stocking up and fill that gift cupboard ahead of time. This will keep the cost per gift down and the celebratory levels up! Browse the sales collection for discounted items and deals, even if the birthdays are spread throughout the year. Remember that you will need to cover both genders even though the age groups may be similar. Be smart and buy unisex gifts to keep it even simpler. Art supplies, board games, books and puzzles are great non-gender-specific gifts so look for bulk deals on these.

Parent tip: offers a gift-wrapping service!

Online shopping for toys, games and gifts saves time and fuel because it’s a single-stop shop. There is no need to drive from store to store, with the kids in tow kicking and screaming (behind their face masks). Be “that parent” this year and ace the pandemic gift-giving game with flair and money to spare!

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