Flourishing in Social Groups

Flourishing in Social Groups

Dealing with different personalities can be challenging, so we’ve put together a few ways to approach group situations and avoid unwanted drama!

Be the better person

When someone passes a salty comment, reply in a civil manner, with a smile. Kill them with kindness. Nothing is more annoying to someone than a person who won’t stoop to their level. 

The lazy one

There is always that one person who never pulls their weight in a group project. In a situation like this, make it known discreetly that a group effort requires the input and effort of every member, and that their participation is required. Do not directly call someone out, as it could be a recipe for disaster.

Dealing with a disagreement 

When you are faced with a disagreement, listen attentively and think about what is being said, before responding. If, after you’ve listened, considered and still disagree, try to find a compromise, and know that keeping the peace in a group is more important than being right. 

Avoid the office gossip

As tempting as it is to join
in juicy office gossip – don’t. Things can quickly go south between colleagues, and you don’t want to be at the centre of drama or be pinpointed as the one who initiated the gossip. In this case, avoid the instigator. You may think that what is being said is in confidence, but truth be told, you don’t know who you can really trust.

Don’t act on emotion

When someone challenges or criticises something you’ve done, accept the feedback with grace and dignity. People should be able to speak to you without fearing that everything will be blown out of proportion. Everyone enjoys working with someone who can handle themselves with maturity.

Build alliances 

In group situations, you’d be wise to build alliances. Your allies are the ones who respect and support your decisions. They will provide you with friendship, as well as necessary constructive criticism. 

Don’t take sides

When asked for your opinion in a group decision or board meeting, avoid taking sides. Always try and be reasonable, base your decisions and answers on facts. People respect logical thinking.

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