Summer Savers For A Hassle Free Summer

Summer Savers For A Hassle Free Summer

Prepare for the least complicated, most fun summer yet.

Get fruity

Watermelon is delicious, but so messy to eat. That need no longer be a worry! Cut a small slit into the skin at the bottom of a watermelon slice, thread a paper cupcake holder on to an ice-lolly stick, and wedge it into the slice, so the paper can catch any sticky juice.

Powder power

Don’t head to the beach without talcum powder.  A sprinkling of powder over sand-covered bodies means super-quick moisture absorption, and sand can be brushed off easily.

We all scream for ice cream

When you buy a tub of ice cream, store it in a ziplock bag and pop it in the freezer. The ice cream will keep its wonderful creamy consistency (no crystals!), and it’ll be a breeze scooping it up for a treat when the temperature rises.

Bowl in a jiffy

Packet of chips, but no bowl? No problem. All you need is a pair of scissors! Set the packet lying horizontally on a table, and start cutting in a spiral shape from the middle to the outside, until you’ve cut a hole for your hand to fit in. The packet is now a handy bowl.

The heat is off

Find yourself sprawling out on every tiled surface just to get a touch of cool relief? Prevent the heat from getting into your house by keeping windows and doors closed during the day, only opening them at night for ventilation and a refreshing draught.

Pita up

We do love the appeal of a freshly made sandwich (did someone say BLT?), but when it comes to entertaining al fresco, bread can quickly dry out in the summer heat. Enter the humble pita. These babies are better suited to warmer temperatures, plus you don’t risk the filling falling out the sides and making a mess.

For more Summer Savers, page through the November Issue of Balanced Life.

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