Talk Yourself Confident

Talk Yourself Confident

Being a confident person in our crazy world can be challenging at times, and when adversity hits, it’s important to have a confidence-building arsenal ready.

No matter the reason for needing a mental boost, it starts with our minds, which are so much more powerful than we realise. ‘Everything shifted when my feelings and thoughts became my priority,’ says Jane. ‘What did the conversation I was having with my body sound like? Was I complimenting and encouraging myself? When I started talking to my body as I would my best friend, everything changed. If my best friend had anxiety about going to the gym, I’d never tell her to suck it up and just get over it. I would support her, listen and give advice where I could. I am learning to treat myself as I would my
best friend.’

Going through stages of low self-esteem and confidence is completely normal (even winter blues are real for some), and being surrounded by social media doesn’t help when trying to avoid comparison to others.

Does that mean we should cut social media out all together, though? This is the age we live in and many people use their platforms to encourage others and bring awareness of great causes. Building-up confidence can be challenging, and it’s encouraging to know that you’re never alone, but just like building a particular muscle, the more you train it, the stronger it gets. Let’s look ways we can perk ourselves up and push forward.

It’s time to accept

‘Nobody is perfect! The media and social media will have people presenting only what they want you to see. Don’t be fooled and dejected by what you think everybody else is like. They are also battling, and they will also have insecurities,’ says Janet Winterbourne, a relationship and family counsellor. ‘Unconditional love and acceptance will set your body free. As I am today, however that is,’ adds Jane. ‘I am me and being me is beautiful. The more I allow myself to be me, the more allowance and celebration there is for you to be you.’ Le’Chelle finds it helpful to remind herself what sets her apart from everyone else. ‘Whether it’s my personality, sense of humour, drive or honesty – it encourages me to run my own race and focus on my own goals.’

Wash your hair, brush your teeth

Have you ever gotten out of the shower and felt like a new person? Or even just washed your face and felt slightly more human? Dressing up for work, or even for a quick coffee date with a friend, can help you hold your head up that much higher. Janet says: ‘Make an effort – if you look good, you feel good. Make an effort with your appearance, posture and smile; even if you don’t feel confident, if you are looking good and smiling, you can present yourself as confident.’

3 Move in celebration

‘Check out the classes at your gym and sign up for a Zumba, Pilates, step, yoga class – anything, really! There are no rules,’ says Jane. ‘Wear a bright colour and focus on how comfortable your body moves in the clothes you choose and not on what you think you look like in shocking pink leggings.’ Get outside. Just a walk in the sun can raise those serotonin levels – it’s a naturally great way to boost one’s mood.

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