Tips For Entertaining At Home

Tips For Entertaining At Home

With Heritage Day and summer just around the corner, catch up on some tips for entertaining at home.

1. Welcome

Lay out some light snacks and drinks for your guests to enjoy as they arrive. This will make a lovely welcome treat and conversation-starter. Also ensure that you have napkins by the food as well as a bin so that your guests can make cleaning up easier (for you).

2. Kitchen etiquette

Be prepared in the kitchen by making sure there is enough space in the fridge and freezer for guests to put any food or beverage they may bring with them. Also try to lay out a space with your cooked food, while leaving some room for guests to place theirs as well.

3. Bathroom break

Sweep through your bathroom and fill-up on all the essentials, such as toilet paper and soap, so that your bathroom is fully functional. Add a scented candle or incense to make the space comfortable. If you have a guest bathroom, ensure that your guests know they are to use that one.

4. Set the mood

Create a playlist beforehand that caters to the kind of atmosphere you want to create for your gathering. If you’re going for a lively space, choose upbeat favourites that are on-trend, or if the setting is more relaxed, choose some light background music.

Read all 10 tips on how to entertain at home, in your September issue of Balanced Life.



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