Tracy-Lee Rosslind An International Name

Tracy-Lee Rosslind An International Name

Tracy-Lee Rosslind is taking on the local fashion scene and making an international name for herself.

Running a multifaceted business that includes styling, producing, casting and so much more, Tracy-Lee is one Cape Town-based stylist that stands out from the rest. What makes her so different, you may ask? Tracy-Lee has her sights set on taking South African fashion to the global runway. 

Tracy-Lee’s parents were both involved in the industry during her childhood, but it was her mother who got her interested in local designers. ‘Growing up, I was always wearing either custom or locally made clothing,’ says Tracy-Lee. ‘As a country, we need to start spending our rands locally. Supporting South African artists is the only way that we can increase our economy and get a slice of this billion-dollar industry.’ 

With parents in the industry, and a modelling career that started when she was nine, it’s hardly surprising that Tracy-Lee has chosen fashion as the sector in which to make a name for herself. ‘I love the positive impact that the industry can have on people,’ she says.

As for how to get into the industry: ‘There are so many career options in fashion,’ Tracy-Lee reveals, ‘from buying and styling to designing. Just do your research and find out exactly where your passion lies – that’s where you start.’ Tracy-Lee adds that hard work is a must as it ‘breeds excellence, and if you want to be the best, you need to put in the time’. This is why, even though her business and brand has already been established, she will still tackle projects that challenge her creatively. ‘You need to take on work that will allow you to grow as a creative, even if it means that your wallet doesn’t grow.’

Tracy-Lee was one of the first models of colour for a big department store in SA, she’s done styling for a number of music videos that have surpassed 60 million views,
and produced, styled and cast Inglot South Africa’s first print campaign, to name a few of her accomplishments. With all of this under her belt, it makes sense to follow some of this stylist’s advice, right? ‘You don’t need to have a big following to be successful,’ advises Tracy-Lee, who is followed on Insta by none other than Snoop Dogg himself! ‘Social media is a marketing tool, not the benchmark of success or even excellence … focus on your art, not your followers.’

She works a minimum of 12 hours every day, and it’s clear to us that her dedication is paying off. But what does this business babe’s five-year plan have in store? ‘#TLRstyling currently has teams in Cape Town, Joburg and Durban,’ says Tracy-Lee, ‘but we hope to have an international office within the next five years’. Wherever she ends up, we’ll be following Tracy-Lee and #TLRstyling’s progress closely. 

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