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Trendy Tech Topics

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Square eyes

In the UK, the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board monitors 5 100 homes that represent the UK’s demographics and locations. Each home’s TV is fitted with a meter, which gathers data on your viewing patterns. The data recorded is weighed to represent the whole of the UK. A similar system is in use in the US.

Are phones unhealthy?

Mobile phones emit radio waves. Scientists have been studying their effects since the 1990s, and current evidence doesn’t show a link with health problems. That said, research is still ongoing.

Car boot sale

Amazon’s Key service is an innovative delivery solution that allows couriers to unlock your front door and leave your parcel inside. Now, Amazon has taken the idea one step further. You can now have your parcel delivered to your car by using GPS technology to track your vehicle. Whether your car is parked outside your office or in your driveway, Amazon’s delivery drivers will be able to open your boot to leave your parcel inside. The service is currently only available on selected General Motors vehicles with OnStar enabled, or Volvos set up with the On Call service, but it’s expected that the system will eventually be rolled out in other cars.

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