Ways to Future-Proof Your Body

Ways to Future-Proof Your Body

Getting older may be inevitable, but ageing is not. Here’s what you can do now to set yourself up for ideal physical and mental health in your golden years.

The trick to warding off  the effects of ageing does not lie in a nip here, an injection there and fad-dieting until you give up and fill your closet with sweatpants. What it takes to keep your mind and body sharp well into old age comes down to three very simple rules: eat well, move often and stimulate your brain. 

In fact, studies conducted on super-agers (80+ year olds with the cognitive abilities of someone in their twenties and the physical health of someone in their fifties or sixties) found that they avoided disease and lived long lives by sticking to these basic principles. 

Each area of your overall health feeds into the other, so improving one will inevitably improve the others – and according to our experts, it’s all down to a few lifestyle adjustments. 


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