Work Myths Debunked

Work Myths Debunked

There are a lot of stories surrounding our careers that we have been led to believe are true. Turns out many of them aren’t, but they can be disempowering.

From the time we are young, we are always hearing stories about what the workforce is ‘really’ like. Some of these stories and beliefs become imprinted in our brains and are carried with us throughout our working lives and affect how we manage our careers and create feelings of self-doubt. Much of this information is confusing and conflicting, but we still absorb it because they are myths that are so engrained in our culture and which have been passed on from generation to generation. While some of them are true – university doesn’t really prepare you for a real job, and your marks don’t always matter – others are not, and are, quite frankly, disempowering and prevent people from pursuing their goals. And, as usual, women will hear even more of these myths than our male counterparts. Enough already! Here are six common career myths that are holding us back – debunked.

Myth One: Creatives don’t make money

This myth stems from the fact that many people are unwilling to pay creatives for their work, thinking that the promise of exposure is enough to put bread on the table and a roof over one’s head. This then turns a lot of people off pursuing jobs in the creative sector, even if that is where their true passion lies. While it’s true that there are many struggling artists and musicians out there, there are plenty of people doing creative jobs, such as designers, architects, writers and sound engineers, and there are more than enough opportunities for creatives to carve out their own niche too. Just look at all the successful self-made bloggers out there these days! Hard work, good marketing and persistence can pay off and yield amazing financial results.


Myth Two: It’s all about the job title

‘Climbing the corporate ladder’ is an old platitude that many people in the work force use thinking that it is a necessity
and that reaching the top is the only true mark of success. Wrong! Not only are there a lot of people who have no desire to end up in the corner office and are quite content in their mid-level positions, but fretting about job titles and your position is missing the point completely. Some positions with fancy titles offer
less job satisfaction than their modest counterparts and, as we know, money doesn’t buy you happiness. If you enjoy what you do and are making ends meet, don’t feel pressured into aiming higher. 



Myth Three: Don’t go after money or power

For many people, their careers are what defines them. Which is totally fine. And even if it isn’t, there is nothing wrong with being ambitious and wanting to achieve great success and the money and power that comes with it. This character trait is something that for a long time has been associated with men and, as such, this is still seen as masculine. But times have changed and we need more women to be at the helm in order to even the playing field. If you are someone who is slogging away because you want to reap some serious rewards and one day drive a Maserati, then we wish you luck on your journey to greatness.  

Whatever your work style or career choices, just keep doing what you’re doing, take all advice with a pinch of salt, and stop believing the lies. You’ve got this! 

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