Chatting To cynthia Gwebu

Chatting To cynthia Gwebu

Who do most South Africans turn to when they need some serious make-up and skincare advice or inspiration? To Cynthia Gwebu, that’s who!

If you are a fan of all things beauty, then by now you have no doubt heard of one of SA’s most popular bloggers, Cynthia Gwebu. Some may go as far as saying that she is not just the owner of the best set of brows in all the land, but also a renowned content creator and vlogger who has more than 22 000 followers on her YouTube channel. People clearly love to see her do her extraordinary make-up. And we are no exception!

The all-rounder
Although she has always had an above-average interest in beauty, being a full-time blogger on the subject was not her initial plan. ‘My interest in the beauty industry was ignited while I was doing my Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism postgraduate certificate in the UK,’ says Cynthia. ‘My blog started out as a fashion forecasting blog, but after completing my studies, I got an internship with a leading local beauty website.’

Cynthia has now left her nine-to-five to pursue full-time blogging and is able to reflect on her achievements. ‘It’s thrilling to have actually been able to make a career of it!’ We agree.

Rather than keeping all her make-up, skincare and haircare knowledge to herself, she is sharing it online, and this has made her a trusted beauty connoisseur. Cynthia’s huge following is an indication that her brand is becoming a popular choice when it comes to developing and curating content. ‘I am a storyteller and like to educate audiences with a tongue-in-cheek approach,’ she says. ‘I’m also a perfectionist by nature and always put everything I’ve got into my work.’ And just in case you were jealous of her online fame, it doesn’t come without its challenges. ‘There is constant pressure to keep people entertained, which means you can’t ever have a day off.’ This dedication is what has constantly kept her popular not just with her followers, but with beauty brands in SA as well.

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