Coco, Instagram's Most Fashionable Kid

Coco, Instagram’s Most Fashionable Kid

Say hello to Coco. Coco is the insanely fashionable 7-year-old that’s taken over Instagram, one überchic upload at a time. With her eccentric fashion sense and her love for patterns and bold colours, she’s become an Instagram icon. To her 584k followers, she’s @coco_pinkprincess, the kid who dons brands like Gucci, Vetements and Helmut Lang and poses in them like the boss she is.


Coco currently lives in Japan with her parents, who own a vintage clothing store in the Harajuku district called Funktique which opened up when Coco was only 2 after the family fled the devastating earthquake of Fukushima. If you don’t know much about Harajuku, it’s a trendy neighbourhood in Tokyo that’s famous for its unique fashion, street style and culture. Thousands of people from all over the world flock to the neighbourhood every year to witness the sartorial greatness that is constantly brewing there – a clear indication of the level of fashion that our girl, Coco was exposed to at an early age. As you can probably tell, Coco grew up surrounded by clothing and her appreciation for style has reflected on her own personal fashion journey.


Forget princess dresses, Coco has a passion for hypebeast, designer and vintage labels and boy, does she wear them well. Don’t be fooled though, her style is not confined to just one type of fit. The pint-sized fashionista can go from futuristic (think: tiny Matrix-type sunglasses and chunky metallic boots) to sports-luxe with Burberry sneakers and that iconic NY baseball cap. Her “aesthetic” is comfortable and rebellious but always fashion-forward even when it’s not the most conventional type of looks.

We’re sure Coco has much more planned under her Vetements sleeve and we can’t wait to see more from the coolest kid on the block.

You can watch Vice’s short interview with Coco here and follow Coco on her rise in fashion domination on her Instagram here.



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