Decor Trends: Living Luxe

Decor Trends: Living Luxe

Three major – and easy-to-incorporate – decor trends that will breathe new life into any space

Many homemakers would cringe at the thought of redesigning their interiors. The very word ‘redesign’ evokes thoughts of a very costly process. But the truth is that a redesign can happen in the smallest ways: adding a new colour tone to a space, or perhaps a new texture or shape. Through these small and considered additions, an entire space can be transformed and modernised. This month, we were inspired by three major interior design trends that are surprisingly easy to incorporate into your home.

There’s something undeniably luxurious about velvet. It’s also no wonder that over the decades it’s been reinvented and interpreted in so many ways. Over the next few years, velvet will be bigger than ever as interiors continues to be inspired by mid-century modern aesthetics. Experiment with timeless lush jewel tones and chic lines with metallic or wood finishes.

How To:
Less is more. Remember that velvet is a statement fabric and should thus be used to complement the space, not overpower it. If you’re unsure where to start, consider more neutral tones such as brown and orange

Faux fur is a staple in interior design, whether you use this fabulous textile as an accent on statement furniture or simply draped over the bed during the colder months. And with faux fur available in almost every shade and style imaginable (from fox-inspired pelt to shaggy sheepskin lookalikes) the possibilities are endless. This means that no matter what the overall theme of your home design is, you’ll be able to add this trend easily.

How To:
Faux fur will naturally draw the eye because of its lush texture, so if you use it outside the bedroom, remember to place it very carefully. You can Drape it over the side of your sofa so that it can be easily pulled closer on chilly nights. An easy way to incorporate it into any space is by laying it in a woven basket on the floor. If animal-inspired prints don’t appeal to you, use a neutral metallic tone such as silver

Metallics are more than just a trend. Year in and year out, these stunning tones remain relevant, modern and striking. Now more than ever, they breathe life and modernity into any space. Brass is back (and bigger than before), as are rusty silver tones, which can be found in everything from accent furniture to tableware and soft furnishings – so there’s no need to hold back on adding a little bling!

How To:
When incorporating metallics as focal points, ensure that the rest of the palette is neutral. With an overall brown interior, brass instantly elevates the setting; while in mostly neutral white and beige design spaces, silver and grey metallic accents create a striking yet calm atmosphere.

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