Decorex SA Announces 2019 Decor Trends

Decorex SA Announces 2019 Decor Trends

2019 seems to be a year filled with new and exciting unveilings of popular trends and revivals hitting the décor and design scene. With the world moving towards a technological shift, there has been an increase in the desire to focus on connecting to one’s roots through a variation of decor and design styles. With this sentiment in mind, Decorex SA has revealed their 2019 theme, ‘Designing for Africa – feels like home’.

A new feel for textures

Decor is stepping away from the virtual and living in the present with tactile surfaces, walls and fabrics. Ribbed surfaces such as wooden panels, velvet walls and chrome cylinders are also controlling the mood and feeling of a room.

Alternatively, the use of rugs as wall art adds a captivating texture to a space.

Taking on a new shape

A new play on shapes has made its way into design styles, with the traditional arch being revived in new and creative ways.

Mirrors are turning circular with many choosing imperfect shapes over clean cut edges.

Less and more

Minimal and bold styles are being juxtaposed with Eastern-style simplicities and strong colours, textures and patterns. Ideas around mindfulness promote decluttering spaces and Japanordic Style uses clean textures of wood and ceramics in a simple yet playful design.

Maximalism sees the combination of ‘clashing’ colours, patterns and deep hues in small doses to create a vibrant space, with bold wallpapers of abstract design at the forefront.

Reviving the natural

Nature is making its way back into the home with dried flowers and branches of organic shades that connect with the outdoors.

The subtle use of the wicker material accompanies this natural theme, but a shift to classic black allows it to blend seamlessly with the geometric monochrome trend.

Simple lighting modelled off of industrial styles are entering spaces with the intent of creating natural lighting that is both functional and illuminating.


Remembering the forgotten

Features and rooms previously left wtih little thought have become the focus of certain designs. Ceilings function as a canvas for intricate paintwork, imagery and textured design, while the bathroom has become a sanctuary where the home’s personality can thrive through unique decor pieces such as cushions, seating and specialised lighting.

Exteriors are getting added attention with unique furniture, feature walls and neutral palettes.

Colour Trends

While décor trends have seen a move towards bold style, colour trends for 2019 comprise of gentle hues of gelato pastels, mint, sage and earth shades. However, Nigth Watch, a rich teal with a calming feeling, is set to be the colour of the year while Gen Z yellow and grey are making a striking combination.

Back to the 70s

Along with the arch shape, 1970s decor is showing itself in chic and retro styles of lighting, ribbed fabrics and re-used bricks.

A Personal Touch

The final expected trend for 2019 is adding personal features to your space – a design style that will never fade. ‘Take inspiration from the emerging trends, but personalise them by adding elements that mean something to you,’ says Anita, ‘Trust yourself to know what will revitalise you in your own, safe sanctuary.’


Date: 21 – 24 March 2019

Cape Town

Date: 1 – 5 May 2019


Date: 7 – 11 August 2019

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