DIY: Wallpaper

DIY: Wallpaper

While Georgian-era wallpaper was undeniably impressive, there’s no reason to think modern techniques and designs haven’t entered the 21st Century.

The first types of wallpaper involved tedious hours of wood blocking, stencilling and hand-painting of prints onto paper, as well as using tapestry to cover entire walls. Now, you can get wallpaper in any print imaginable with the help of digital screening, which makes the space for being creative so much more lucrative and innovative.

Do It Yourself!

You don’t need your wallpaper to be installed by a team of experts to look professional. All you need is time, patience, and a little technique. 

1. Prep your canvas – lightly sand and thoroughly clean your surface, and then make sure it is completely dry before going
any further.

2. Plan in advance to avoid seams and patterns ending up in all the wrong places.

3. Make sure to choose the right adhesive – this will depend on the type of wallpaper you choose and will ensure the paper’s durability and finish. 

4. Round up your measurements to give yourself some extra paper to work with for mishaps and future touch-ups.

5. Don’t panic and start ripping off the paper if you see air bubbles. They will most likely settle as the adhesive dries, but if not, puncture the bubble with a pin and flatten the area out.


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