How To Style: A Home Office

How To Style: A Home Office

It’s a well-known fact that we spend the majority of our time working, and if you’re doing so from home, why not create a productive sanctuary that’s your own with a perfectly-styled home office

This is not ‘corner’ in the executive sense. When space is limited, a corner may be the only area you have to use. Ensure your set-up is as close to a window as possible (to allow natural light and fresh air in). Use lighter shades of blue or green on the walls to avoid the harshness of stark white, which can create a glare near a window. Having shelving or drawers close to your workstation is vital, and any storage that can be fixed to the wall helps save space.

Perhaps you’re part of a small start-up. There’s no need to have all the bells and whistles in your home office from the get-go for productive working. Start by creating a stimulating environment that gives you both ample space to suit your individual needs, and be sure to also add your own personal touches to the area.

Yes, there are colours you can incorporate into your home office that will help with productivity, while others create feelings of tranquility. However, sometimes a room decorated only in neutral tones is all you need (or desire). It creates a sense of nature and serenity, and works best with a variety of textures from floor to walls. Perhaps try a rough wallpaper or paint in a shade of cream for a major interior statement.

Built-in shelving, especially those painted in a rich colour, just screams executive office. There’s something quite grand about wall-to-wall shelving filled with books and trinkets. Keep it CEO style with two visitors’ chairs facing your desk. Get creative with these and find luxe and interesting-looking chairs to fill the space.
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