How To  Style: A Clothes Rack

How To Style: A Clothes Rack

Walk-in closets and cupboards concealed by doors are so 2010. This year, make your clothes rack the statement of your room or apartment

We don’t like rules, but when it comes to an open wardrobe, there’s a simple rule of thumb: Use it mostly for your everyday basics – the things you cannot live without and reach for most days. Stash away all those items you’re holding on to for those ‘in case’ moments. You want your open wardrobe to be clean, minimal and easy to access. You also want the walls to complement your chic closet, so keep them crisp white or dark charcoal. If you’re thinking black in a bedroom is too harsh, tone it down to a lighter shade and paint the ceiling too – it makes all the difference.

Group your clothes together in categories such as jackets, sweaters, dresses and shirts. By organising it this way, you will mix textures and colours together, and instantly add interest to the space. For your jackets, keep all the short ones together and place them at the end of the railing. This creates a nifty spot to slot in a short side table or painted box underneath, where you can store shoes or scarves. Form, function and beauty – it’s a win-win!

When you’re making a bold decor statement with your open clothing rack, spend the money and invest in the correct elements, such as classy or trendy hangers. Plastic hangers may be cheaper, but they won’t have the same effect. You can never go wrong with wooden hangers, especially if the rest of your room style is rustic with plush textures and neutral tones. Black hangers (try the velvet one) subtly complete an opulent style, and work well with rich colours and metallics.

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