Tile Trends For Every Other Room In Your House

Tile Trends For Every Other Room In Your House

Don’t get stuck On the idea that Tiles belong only in the bathroom, kitchen or on your floors – there are other places where they can create a beautiful aesthetic.


An ongoing trend throughout the past couple of seasons, this one clearly isn’t going anywhere. Incorporate gold, copper, brass and jewel tones on to your home’s walls and floors for an especially vivid, luxe and richly opulent take on the ordinary.


Black has been, and always will be, the new black. Come to the dark side and incorporate any texture, shape or size of tile in the colour black to give the space a completely new atmosphere. More so, match your black tiles with black grout for a sleek look.


Small squares have taken over the rectangular tile, better known as the ‘subway’ trend, by giving it a graphic feel while still keeping it modern. Try it in pastels and add some marble, gold and chrome finishes to give it that ‘hotel’ feel, or try coloured grout for an unexpected twist.


We are all familiar with the classic hexagon-shaped tiles, but in terms of trends, we’re going big, bold and oversized. Try it in various colours or applied in any pattern you can imagine, and don’t be scared to go past your bathroom or kitchen with this one.


Think 1920s art deco. These marble and mosaic tiles will look interesting and unique just about anywhere in your home. Lay them as close to each other as possible to make the entire area look uniform without any grout lines showing. Take it one step further and use the same tiles on your kitchen countertop.


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