The following terms and conditions apply to the Medical Emergency Services available to Club and Platinum Club magazine subscribers

Benefit details

1 24-hour emergency advice and assistance call centre.

2 Immediate dispatch of emergency medical services in order to provide life-saving assistance.

3 Emergency transportation by air or road ambulance.

4 Following an accident the subscriber’s children are transported to a place of safety.

5 Repatriation/return of mortal remains in the event of a death as a result of a medical emergency.

6 Access to non-emergency medical transportation, at subscriber’s own cost.

Terms and conditions

1 In the event of a medical emergency the Emergency Medical Assistance line can be contacted 24 hours a day to arrange emergency medical assistance and transportation.

2 The call centre is manned by medically qualified and experienced operators.

3 The telephonic line is a share call line.

4 Emergency medical treatment is medical treatment administered in response to an episode of illness or injury that requires immediate medical attention.

5 Immediate response is undertaken to the scene of a medical emergency where appropriate advanced lifesaving resuscitation will be provided to a subscriber. Where necessary, the subscriber will be stabilised before transportation is provided to the closest appropriate medical facility.

6 Transfer of subscribers to the most appropriate medical facility:
• In all life threatening medical emergencies, a subscriber will be transported by road or air to the most appropriate and closest hospital that can effectively manage that particular condition.
• If the condition is not life threatening, but necessitates the use of an ambulance, the subscriber will be transported to the most appropriate and closest hospital that can effectively manage that particular condition.

7 Europ Assistance SA discretion in respect of transport:
• Europ Assistance SA will have the right to make decisions and take action after having considered available medical evidence as to what it deems to be in the best interest of the person calling for assistance. Based on the aforementioned, EA will determine the timing and mode of transportation or repatriation.
• The cost of any additional services outside of this scope is payable by the subscriber or the subscriber’s medical aid.

8 The Foschini Group does not accept responsibility for the advice offered by its medical services or the consequences thereof.


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