Kids Fashion

Kids Fashion

Kids get to have all the fun! Vibrant colours that are summer-time appropriate successfully bring refinement into kids fashion looks. Mom, it’s important to shop staples for your kiddies. Classic items such as denim jeans and jackets lend a cool aesthetic to their wardrobes. Denim is extremely versatile and most importantly, durable.





Denim jeans are the undisputed champions of strength allowing you piece of mind when your little one runs around. Distressed and bleached denim is trending. Denim can be dressed up or down and are suitable for casual occasions or Sundays at Church making it fun and stylish at the same time.


A wardrobe that includes a range of snug fits and stretchy material means that your kids don’t have to sacrifice style over comfort. The SODA Bloc range is made for wiggling and jiggling with a touch of cool. Think: print T-shirts, durable joggers and plaid prints. Age appropriate and accessible these ensembles are for kids who are constantly on the move.























Plaid and checkered shirt prints can be the perfect pairing with denim that your child can rock for every occasion and setting and that fulfil all their fashion needs. Shirts for kids are timeless and falls somewhere between sophisticated and casual with a polished flair. A passion for fashion starts from a young age, encourage creativity in kids  who want to express their unique sense of style through stylish and fashionable clothing that are paired with their favourite shoes.






















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