Menswear Spring-Summer Trends

Menswear Spring-Summer Trends

The key spring-summer trends in menswear

Relaxed tailoring  

This isn’t a licence to revive your ’90s wardrobe. There is an emphasis on a relaxed fit, but attention is paid to ensuring the pieces still have a masculine silhouette, rather than the boxy fit that dominated the ’90s.


Acing this trend requires you to have masterful discernment about which pieces work and which will leave you looking like a character from Call of Duty. Our suggestion is to identify one hero piece and go for subtlety in the rest of your look.


Vintage sportswear has inspired a wave of designers to incorporate its elements into their collections. Expect
to see lots of symmetrical panelling, horizontal stripes and bold colours to feature prominently. 

Eastern influence

Traditional Japanese and Chinese style aesthetics have been runway staples for some time, but they also have a powerful presence for the upcoming season, particularly in smart-casual and formal wear. Only explore this trend once you’ve built a wardrobe with a timeless foundation.

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