Must-Know Style Rules For Men

Must-Know Style Rules For Men

Man editor Ryan Vrede hopes you find some guidance on your own style journey by sharing style rules for men that he lives by.

Timeless trumps trends

I used to be a slave to trends, even wearing ones that didn’t suit me (hello, drop-crotch trousers) just to engineer the perception that I was on-trend. I got tired of it. Now, I buy whatever the hell I like. That usually means timeless pieces that form the base of my wardrobe. If the trend is military-print, I will introduce it through a basic, like a shirt.

Double up on great buys

I often catch myself wearing a piece of clothing – sneakers, a great fitting T-shirt or a pair of jeans – often. It accelerates wear, and then I have to scramble to replace it. Now I double up if I fall in love with a certain piece. One to rock and one to stock is a great style philosophy.

Walk away

There are times when I’m absolutely certain about a purchase. But, for all other times, I’ve learnt that I need
to walk away and think about the purchase in a less emotionally heightened state, and ask myself a couple of critical questions such as: ‘Can I really afford this? Do I really need it? Will I be wearing it in five years? Do I have any other financial priorities?’ 

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