Amanda du-Pont In Perfect Harmony

Amanda du-Pont In Perfect Harmony

At just 30, Amanda du-Pont has carved a career and body worth fawning over. She’s fit, fierce and knows her way around a good burger, all in perfect harmony.

Amanda bites into her deliciously gooey Camembert chicken burger with hungry conviction. She’s just wrapped a four-hour shoot which, in true fitness magazine form, involved weights, a skipping rope and Jackie Chan-level jump kicks (which she pulled off perfectly). But instead of asking for a tiny salad or green juice, Amanda tucks into her burger and fries, with extra tomato sauce and chilli for good measure. That’s the beauty of loving your body enough to find a healthy balance. 

The Best Of Both Worlds

‘I grew up on a farm, so a lot of what we did for fun had to be outdoors … riding bikes, swimming. The way I remember it, it was always playtime and outdoorsy,’ says Amanda of her childhood in Swaziland. Naturally, this active lifestyle led to an inclination towards sports, but unlike many kids who either veer towards sports or the arts, Amanda found the time and passion for both. ‘I was always 50% into the arts, and I managed to dabble in both. I was involved in every single sport, from swimming and tennis to hockey and netball – but I was also in every school production!’ says Amanda. After high school she went on to  study  for a Bachelor of Arts degree from The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA) and spent a year at the New York Film Academy in New York, where she was awarded a full scholarship.



There’s a difference between caution and fear, though, especially when it comes to your body. In a time where the fear of getting fat, having cellulite or indulging in a slice of cake haunts many, Amanda has developed a very honest, realistic approach to her body and her health. ‘I believe in balance. Balance in everything. Once you sacrifice a certain thing, naturally you start to wish for it. By the time you get hold of it, you will overindulge and end up doing your body more harm. If you allow yourself every-thing in moderation, your approach will be so much healthier: Be it travel, having a glass of wine … everything
in moderation.’ 

There’s no guilt as Amanda finishes off her burger, just like there was no guilt when she had flatbread and wine the night before at her favourite Cape Town restaurant. Life is for living, after all. ‘I believe in the 60/40 rule. Three to four days a week I’ll have pasta, rice, stews – I’ll have some good, solid foods that have helped me get strong and changed the shape of my body,’ she explains. 

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