Go-To Fabrics For Your Baby

Go-To Fabrics For Your Baby

Go-to fabrics for your baby: Cute corduroys and pretty florals are go-to fabrics when keeping your little ones warm this season.

Trust us, if your tiny tot is free to move their arms and legs freely to play with their toys and crawl around the living room floor- they’ll be happy! While toddlers may be too young to know or even care about what they’re wearing as long as they’re comfortable, it sure does make for cute pictures and guarantees that your little one will receive a lot of ooh’s and aah’s as family, friends and even strangers admire them in pretty dresses or cute dungarees.



Fashion for toddlers is therefore not necessarily aimed at your children, but you! So what’s stopping you from purchasing that mini gilet that matches the one you inherited or even the pretty floral dress in the same shade and pattern as yours. This means that you and your mini-me can have coordinated outfits every time you step out of the house.


When it comes to dressing your little one up, it’s virtually impossible to resist the cutest items around – but when they are also items that you love the most too, let’s just say that the the world isn’t even ready for the levels of cuteness!





Cute corduroys and pretty florals are go-to fabrics when keeping your little ones warm this season. They’re cool and comfortable clothing that’s also chic. Just because mom’s tend to dress their kids in the hand me downs of older siblings or buy their kids clothing 5 sizes too big so that they can “grow into it” doesn’t mean that you should do the same with your little one.


Torn, dirtied clothing that is uncomfortably oversized won’t make for a happy tot. The must-have items that are perfect for exploring the big, beautiful world are classic dungarees, graphic tops, cuffed jeans and jackets. Don’t forget that Autumn is all about layering so pair long sleeved t-shirts under dungarees and pair a fuzzy gilet over your little one’s dress for added warmth.



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