Kids Fashion: Winter Closet Staples

Kids Fashion: Winter Closet Staples

Kids Fashion: Winter Closet Staples

Keep your children warm this Autumn whether they’re out and about at your local park, on a playdate with their bestie or simply lounging around at home. Exact, Foschini and Soda Bloc stores offer affordable prices on kids clothing and winter gear such as jackets, hoodies, track bottoms, quilted gilet’s, sneakers and more. Your little one will be able to enjoy the chillier weather while staying comfortable and protected.

You might have noticed that today’s kids know a thing or two about fashion. Whether your child loves picking out their own clothing or you’re the type of parent to plan out your child’s outfits, it’s important to have winter wear essentials on hand.A trend for girls fashion is pairing leggings with hoodies and shirt dresses. With the rate that kids grow ensuring that your child’s clothing fits them well is a must.

As a parent you should encourage active play with your kids. Try not to prevent them from playing outside even when the weather turns gloomy. Just ensure that they’re wearing enough layers in the form of a vest, tights or a coat. Don’t forget that playing is a high energy activity which causes kids to warm up quite quickly. Layering allows your kids to take off that extra jacket, beanie or scarf they left the house in but still allows them to stay protected from the cold. On the other hand, over layering your kids with clothing that cannot be removed conveniently is a no-no. With the way kids run around this might lead to overheating or your kids getting sick.

Investing in durable pieces such as jackets, jeans and corduroys are the most practical option in colder months. Durable clothing will ensure that your kids are kept warm throughout Autumn and winter. Preferably opt for jackets that are lightweight and waterproof. These are easier to carry around and instantly add a little extra warmth when it’s most needed.






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