Warm And Cosy Closet Staples

Warm And Cosy Closet Staples

It’s never too early to start your kids on a journey to being a style star! Foschini has the best gear to ensure that your kids not only look great but feel comfortable whether they’re at the playground, park, school or at their friend’s house. While you may want your kids to look good, you don’t want a shopping trip for them to have you broke and busting out the savings. For more tips on warm and cosy closet staples you should invest in, then look no further! 

 If you’re a stylish parent then you’ll know that shopping for your kids is often more fun than shopping for yourself. With the range that Foschini has for boys and girls clothing, selecting the best items for your kid’s winter wardrobe can be overwhelming. Our top tip is to buy budget basics like long sleeved tops, jeans, tights and jeggings for your little girl as well as jeans for your son. Splurge on quality denim jackets as well as coats that will last all year round. Kids grow so quickly and maintaining a wardrobe for them can add up! Investing in clothing staples from Foschini that lasts far longer than expected is a great way to save money in the long run.

As the temperature drops it’s time to zip up or pull up the roll-up knitwear to the tops of your kids necklines! While it is of utmost importance to keep your little one protected from the cold weather whilst we’re in the throes of winter, there’s no need to force them into wearing clothing that will have them looking like a yeti bounty hunter (you know, the enormous, puffy coat with the clunky boots and yards upon yards of fluffy fleece and flannel). Because kids have so much energy and are constantly active, it takes much less layers in order for them to be cosy.


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