Spot Proof Your Life With Neutrogena!

Spot Proof Your Life With Neutrogena!


It’s here! The Neutrogena VISIBLY CLEAR® Spot Proofing range will help you keep your skin spot free and maintain its natural shield against future breakouts. The brand new formula is an amalgamation of the renowned, gentle Neutrogena cleansing innovation, which we’ve all come to know and love, and a powerful spot-fighting element – Salicylic acid. The latest update to the Neutrogena brand offers the ultimate complexion perfecting regimen. Neutrogena’s spot proofing range targets spots and preserves the skin’s natural barrier to help prevent future breakouts . Each individual product is oil-free and non-comedogenic, with a fresh citrus scent!

The road to spot-proof skin starts with the ultimate ClearDefend™ technology, which is at the heart of the VISIBLY CLEAR® Spot Proofing™ range, and helps fight against breakouts. Research has shown that that skin barrier damage is significantly higher in teens with spots and this new skincare technology helps remove impurities while working on the upper layers of the epidermis, leaving most of the skin’s  essential nutrients as intact as possible to help it block spots by maintaining the skin’s natural shield. This high-quality range of skin products creates an inimitable daily Spot Proofing™ routine that you’ll fall in love with!


-Start by cleansing your face every morning and evening using the Daily Wash
-Then purify your skin using the Daily Scrub and Purifying Lotion
-Treat your skin with the ultimate 2in1 Wash Mask and the Daily Moisturiser



Most spot cleansers contain surfactants, which are ingredients that excel at foaming up and whisking away oil and impurities. These molecules also have an unfortunate tendency to clump together into clusters which are small enough to penetrate and incite damage on the skin barrier — the integral layer of lipids that’s so vital to keeping skin healthy and hydrated. The NEUTROGENA® patented BarrierCare technologyTM, which is present in the wash and scrub, enables the cleansing agents in the Neutrogena VISIBLY CLEAR® Spot Proofing cleanser to, instead, attach themselves to naturally-derived polymers that are too large to damage or overstrip the skin — allowing them to create a mild lather which effectively cleanses and helps preserve the skin’s natural defences.


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