Feel-Good Furniture For Your Home

Feel-Good Furniture For Your Home

IT’S COLD OUTSIDE: As wintry nights close in, surround yourself with feel-good furniture for your home. Our South African winters aren’t long, but they can be sharp. And while we wait for the rain, there’s nothing we’d rather do than create a comfy, cosy living space for some much-needed downtime. British poet Edith Sitwell is credited as saying: ‘Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: It is the time for home.’ We’ll let this wordsmith do the talking for us, and just snuggle down with our favourite luxury items and hope you’re savvy enough to do the same.






Just add Velvet

Few things are more enticing than velvet. Rich, jewel-coloured and beautifully tactile, they’re the way forward this winter. Add a few damask scatter cushions to a plain sofa for an instant lift. Or try a button-down velvet headboard for a boutique-hotel feel. Alternatively, place a few plain velvet cushions on your bed for a sense of easy-going luxe.










I’d love a coffee

The Italians have been brewing superb coffee for centuries, and their stove-top pots are truly hard to beat. Finding the perfect roast is a tricky thing
– and something worth taking your time over. Either buy your beans from a reputable barista and grind them at home, or look for the ready-ground variety. Savour the ritual – adding the water, then the coffee, and finally that wonderful moment when you hear the percolating chatter begin. Things can only look up from there.















Have you seen my slippers?

When you’ve been on your feet all day, simply stepping into a favourite pair of slippers is a real treat. Start with chunky socks on a really cold night, and keep those feet snug in the comfiest slip-ons you can find. Grey tones are definitely easier on the eye than bright ones, and some faux-fur trimmings will just make you happy. It’s that simple.


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