Think of the Medical Advice Line, available to all Club and Platinum Club magazine subscribers, as your personal health advisor

Benefit details

1 Emergency medical advice and trauma counselling.

2 Assessment of your symptoms and referral to the most appropriate healthcare professional.

3 Suggestions of home remedies with scheduled follow-up assessment calls if required.

4 Explanations of medical terms and results of tests, as well as information relating to any medication you may be taking.

5 Counselling for chronic ailments and diseases, minimising the impact of these conditions on your daily life.

6 Access to one of the most widely used poison databases in South Africa.

7 Telephonic trauma debriefing and referral to a trauma counsellor if required.

8 Access to a pre-recorded audio library, should you require information on a topic you would rather not discuss with a nurse directly.

Terms and conditions

The Medical Advice Line is a healthcare service providing unlimited access to qualified nurses 24 hours a day.

The telephonic line is a share call line.

The line is available in your choice of language.

The Medical Advice Line service maintains full confidentiality.

The Foschini Group does not accept responsibility for the advice offered by its medical services or the consequences thereof.


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